DotRoot Technologies

DotRoot technologies is a six man startup founded in 2013. All founders hail from different backgrounds and carry a multitude of expertise. This is why DotRoot is a melting pot of innovation, rapid idea generation and, most importantly, efficiency. With a diverse pool of talents, DotRoot is a premier provider of all forms of IT solutions especially in the field of multimedia and mobile applications.

Company Profile

DotRoot Technologies is a Start-up company specialising in Mobile application Development for both the Android and iOS platform. The company also offers wide range of multimedia solution such as Graphic Design, Video editing for Corporate Advertisement & Events, and as well as Web Development. The development team of the company has already successfully developed a number of applications such as the Wadihah Haji Umrah e-book for Haji and Umrah Pilgrims and Safe Safar application for DST. Our expertise in Mobile application development enables us to be versatile in any mobile application project development either for the company itself or as an outsourced medium for anyone wishing to develop an application. The key members of the company include newly graduates and an experienced entrepreneur. Our past projects helped hone our skills and we continue to strive and innovate for success and to find our niche in local and international. Our home grown product, FoodFuel, is available for the public to use on the Playstore and the App store. Along with our software portfolio, we are also sole distributors for the Moment 3D printer for the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei market.

Company Vision

Our product portfolio is built around the concept of globalizing local talents. They are meant to push the envelope in terms of what local Bruneian IT companies can do. We hope to contribute to the development of Brunei Darussalam through the internationalization of its IT industry. We hope to attract international interest and to be a bridge between the local IT industry and those outside.

Services Provided

Previous Projects

As a young company, DotRoot has had the privilege of working with some of the biggest companies in the sultanate. One of the biggest projects to be awarded to us was mobilising the entire food ordering mechanism and creating the registration mechanism for the DST Carnival, the nation’s largest telecommunications provider. DotRoot has also been active in inspiring and motivating the younger generation through holding motivational talks and camps in schools to spark their interest.

Competitions Won



FoodFuel is the brainchild of all founders of DotRoot Technologies. It is an innovative approach the traditional meal planning conundrum. Gone will be the days where orders are placed through telephone and queues. Via FoodFuel, users can order their meal on the go, and accumulate fuel points to fill their 'FuelBar' and earn rewards, discounts and many other benefits.


EventLoop is a platform whereby it can identify unique hash tags from users on Instagram. With EventLoop, it can moderate the content posted by users. Any content with the unique hash tags (e.g. #DotRoot) specified with EventLoop can be moderated before they are viewed on screens as the posts are sent to the platform first. The platform, together with time sequence and looping, function shows all the posts on Instagram. With EventLoop admin can identify and moderate all photos related hash tags on Instagram posted by users. This is useful for corporate brand posts identification on social network such as Instagram. Time and date of posts can be seen it is on livefeed. EventLoop can also integrate with other Social network accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.


How Can EventLoop Help Your Business

EventLoop can provide a 360 degree view of your business or product from customer user experience, users can post on social media and the posts can be advertised to a larger audience. The posts act as digital testimonials and add value to your product.


DotRoot believes that Brunei is ready to explore 3D Printing especially because Design and Technology has now become a core part of our national curriculum. It is the right time for DotRoot to distribute the Moment 3D Printer. The Moment 3D Printer is one of the cost-effective and efficient 3D printers in the market. As a desktop printer that works with Mac and Windows it allows easy access to anyone looking to explore 3D Printing. The software is easy to use, and the printer itself is easy to manage.


FoodFuel Clients

EventLoop Clients

Haji Muhammad Saufi Bin Haji Jamahat
Chief Executive Officer
Photography :
Humor :
Youtube :

Saufi is an ardent fan of design and photography, his technical background allows him to view products and projects from multiple perspectives.

Abdul Muiz Bin Abdul Kadir
Chief Systems Officer
Research :
Coding :
C# :

When he isn't scouring the internet reading the latest tech news, Muiz spends his time building strong backend support systems and fine tuning hardcodes.

Mohammad Akif Bin Haji Abdul Latif
Chief Creative Officer
3D :
Multimedia :
Nintendo 3DS :

Always challenged to perfection, Akif is the creative brain of DotRoot. His experiments with designing and 3D softwares prove especially valuable when dealing with branding projects.

Muhammad Adli Bin Tebian
Chief Technical Officer
Java :
Jogging :
Design :

Adli enjoys practical problem solving and loves programming because it provides him an outlet to create problems and their solutions.

Awangku Muhd Uwuis Al-Qarni Bin Pengiran Haji Zainal
Chief Financial Officer
Finance :
Accounting :
Cooking :

The financial backbone of the company, Waiz spends his time looking at numbers and how to improve them. From concept to delivery, he is involved in co-managing every step of a product.

Md Khairul Anwar Bin Sabir
Chief Operations Officer
Comic Books :
Writing :
Speech :

With years of business experience under his belt, Khairul handles the entire Operation at DotRoot. He handles tasks ranging from charters to all the way to presentations.

Bob Azrin Yakip
Chief App Developer
iOS :
Piano :
Online Games :

Fresh off Aberystwyth, Bob is the newcomer with big ideas. His skills in iOS programming and his articulation of ideas make him a perfect fit for the team.

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Tel: 2382616-130/+673 8604141

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